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Things To Know

Plans To Make


* Puppies will be current on age appropriate deworming and vaccinations

* Puppies guarantee:  any life threatening genetic defects.

* Deposit (non-refundable) is required to hold your puppy until 8 weeks old.  Payable by cash, cashiers check/money order or personal check (for deposit ONLY).  ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR MAIL

* Puppy to be paid in full by cash, cashiers check/money order when you pick up at 8 weeks old.  Puppies that will travel by air (if available) or ground transporter MUST be paid in full by cashiers check/money order and in my possession at least 1 week before pick up.  ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR MAIL

* Boarding fees will apply if puppy is not picked up with in 7 days after turning 8 weeks old, unless prior and agreeable plans have been made in advance.

* Please make sure you have directions for yourself/transporter because GPS may not give correct directions. See directions under CONTACT.

* If using a ground transporter, please do your research for a reputable person/company.  I have a few contacts that buyers have used and were happy with, both insured and uninsured. PLAN AHEAD for transporter and know their schedule to be in my area for pick up.  Doing so at birth/deposit time is a great time to do that so you can be sure your arrangements are made.

* Food: Lifes Abundance All Life Stage is fed to all of my dogs and is all your puppy has eaten.  I strongly encourage you to feed LA for the life of your dog. If you plan to choose a different food, please consider feeding at least 1 20lb bag while your baby adjusts to a new life with you.

*I reserve the right to refuse a sale and/or to stop a sale at any point.  All paid monies will be returned.

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